tiistai 2. lokakuuta 2012

World in our hands

Hi! So I was trying to think of post ideas and came up with a few, one needs me to draw pictures first ;) But for today I wanted to show you things that I really want in my closet! Most of them I've wanted for a long time but haven't managed to find yet (hopefully I'll find them from London next month ;D), some I found while looking for pictures for the other ones :) What clothes would you want in your closet right now?

My stud obsession still goes strong...

Absolute love: the perfect leather skirt!

Topshop is my number one shopping location because of those slippers.

A playsuit is mostly for the summer but can be made to work right now too :)

This I've been thinking about since they became fashionable again: backpacks. I wasn't that thrilled when I first started to see them in blogs (probably traumatized by the backpacks I wore to school as a kid :D), but now I want one. But I'm really picky since it has to be the perfect one! Not too big, not too small, preferably leather, and it has to be really cute. Not just kind of cute but a blob of pure cuteness stuck to your back.

Print leggings look good, especially the ones from Romwe! Haven't found anything like these in Finland yet, for me to want the pair it also has to be perfect.

I've been drooling over cuff earrings, not just little cute ones like this but also the really big ones that cover pretty much your whole ear! The search continues...

My outfit from today (yes, the darkness snuck up to me again...): shirt and matching belt Pull & Bear, skirt cut from dress H&M, hair bow and jewellery BB.
All pictures except my outfit from weheartit.com.


Ocean - World In Our Hands (Bbop and Rokstedi Remix)

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