tiistai 30. lokakuuta 2012

There's just one night to live and there's no time to wait

Hi! The silent glee from strangers' reactions continued today as did my Halloween inspired looks. I'm planning on going all in tomorrow as I want to take part in Lookbook's Halloween contest... So be sure to check out my tomorrow's look ;) I can tell you it has a little DIY project involved! Our rehearsals went well today even if some people have trouble concentrating on important stuff when they get hold of a guitar :D Waiting for Friday :)

So I got maybe a tad too excited on planning my make up for tomorrow... I'm sure the customers will steer clear if the girl behind the counter looks like this :D

All pictures without me in them from weheartit.com.


Ocean - Give Your Heart A Break (Bbop & Roksteadi Edit)

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