maanantai 1. lokakuuta 2012

Trust in your dream

Hey! Wow, what a weekend camp in Heinäsaari! There were like over 140 people, so it was a bit crowded but we survived (even though it was wet, cold and the mud got EVERYWHERE like on your bed sheets). A short summary of the weekend:

On Friday I got there a bit late since I had to work until six, so me and five guys rode on a small motorboat with a lot off stuff in a slight rain... I was cold to my bones and a bit worried we might sink :D We arrived safely though and I managed to stay warm for the rest of the evening. The highlight was a walk around the island with the only light coming from candles while reading texts from the Bible. I'm proud of not tripping over on roots!

On Saturday the sun was actually shining which brightened my mood :) The day consisted of getting to know new people, others running around the woods playing steel the log (rough translation :D), lots of good food and in the evening, the ones crazy enough played cops and robbers in the pitch dark with reflectors and flashlights while the rest of us ate a late supper by the campfire. My meat pie was frozen in the middle since I didn't bother to heat it in the fire, and when I fried a pancake on a pan it had the consistency of scrambled eggs when I was done :D

On Sunday we packed our bags, cleaned up the place since over 100 people and mud make a lot of mess, and headed back home! Oh, have you guys tried Rovio's new game, Bad Piggies? Great entertainment when you're waiting for a bus :)

My outfit for work on Friday.

I don't own wellies and my Vagabonds had to pay the price :D

My outfit from today, glad I finally managed to do my hair nicely (even if it was only for these pictures)!


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  1. Tämmöstä blogia ei oo vielä tullutkaan vastaan! (: Tosi hyvä idea yhdistää au pair- blogi ja normaali blogi! Ja aivan ihana tuo tähtitaivas tausta. Englanti on sujuvasti kirjotettua ja suomikin on mukavaa lukea. Kivoja kuvia ja mielenkiintosta tekstiä. Ei mitään huonoa mainittavaa.

    1. Kiitos tosi paljon ihanasta kommentista! Aina innostaa jatkamaan kun saa hyvää palautetta :)Olis tosi kiva saada postausideoita että mitä haluisit lukea meiltä!

      -Emilia & Oona