torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

Only you

Hi! So I've finally decided to get my driver's license since it will become even more expensive next year, haven't really decided which school to go to yet... We'll see which year I'll finally get my license :D Today has consisted of trying to make it to work without getting drenched (smart people leave their umbrella at work), some new stuff coming in finally, and buying some jewellery :) Also eating my new favourites which I'll show below, playing Trivial Pursuit with my family (don't play this if your tired, you'll just lose like me), and listening to Maroon 5! Tomorrow it's coffee with a friend and pizza with lots of amazing people, pictures hopefully later ;)


Outfit from yesterday, that Mango sweater is an absolute favourite :)

Showing off my lipstick!


The new stuff!


Cute rose bush earrings...

...collar necklace (probably not a surprise for anyone I bought this)...

...and this gorgeous graphic bracelet I new was mine from first sight, this didn't even get to the store shelf :D It will make even really simple outfits special!



This is one of the two lipsticks I got from Jenni, I've showed it before but not properly! So it's shade number 22, The Perfect Red if I remember correctly, and it's a nice, rich colour and feels nice on your lips. I like it a lot :)



Warning, once you taste these you will be hooked, they're just so good! Very tasty almonds, and sort of healthy I think :D

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2 kommenttia:

  1. Toi pinkki jakku on aika herkku! Voisin jopa ottaa sen omaan vaatekaappiini, pienellä tuunauksella tosin. Vähän mustaa pitsiä tai mustia punossolkia...<3
    Ruusukorviksetkin on söpöt ja aika sinua. :)

    Mulle on tullut joku outo perversio vaaleanpunaiseen. Tarkoittaako tämä sitä että sisälläni asuu nainen?!

    1. kiitos paljon, voisin kuvitella tuon sun päälle sen mustan pitsin jälkeen! Hahah mullakin taitaa olla sama juttu, jotenkin pinkki on alkanut näyttää taas hyvältä sen jälkeen kun käytin sitä liikaa joskus ala-asteella... Ootan kauhulla mitä tästä seuraa :D