sunnuntai 7. lokakuuta 2012

They used to sing about the birds and the bees

Hi! My weekend was amazing as planned, I'm very tired but happy :) Our evening on Friday went pretty well (I was singing in a band), there was some confusion and flustering around but we made it and got good feedback :D Next time we'll plan and practice more though... Earlier that day I was shopping with my two girls and I took some pictures:

My friends are a bit shy... :D

Mmmm, hot chocolate at Amarillo!

My beauties <3

We decided to play Scrabble...'ll never guess when we ran out of patience for the game :D fabfinrabbit is so a word.

After the evening at Jovi I got a lift from my namesake via a detour (McDonald's) to another friends house, where I mostly took pictures of these two cuties!

The dogs had the most amazing gifts of sleep I have ever seen, it took two seconds and they were snoring! This one is Topi...

...and here's Vili :)

Look at him, he's so cute! I would so spoil him rotten if I had the chance :D

My outfit for work today: belt and new dress from H&M, bag Zara, shoes Dinsko, and jewellery BB.


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