torstai 4. lokakuuta 2012

If anytime you need a hug

Hey! I spent a very slow and easy day off with cereal (and milk on my lap), TV, a book about the history of fashion, goof food, and drawing full-size patterns for a one-piece ;) I've got plans for the whole weekend so it was nice to have a slower day before that. Tomorrow I'm meeting two lovely girls, one of which has her birthday today (congrats once more honey <3), then off to an evening with lots of amazing people and good music, followed by a two nights sleepover with my friends :) So I'll hopefully post on Sunday after work with pictures from the whole weekend!


Outfit from yesterday: cardy and skirt second hand, top H&M, satchel Bohemia, jewelry BB.




Today's hard work :D


This is a very interesting book I borrowed from the library, it covers fashion from the 19th century to today and a bit to the future. I'll need more time and better concentration to read it thoroughly :D

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  1. yay! miun kaavat! :)

    1. projekti edistyy hitaasti mut mahdollisimman nopeesti ettei sulle tuu kylmä :D