tiistai 23. lokakuuta 2012

Through lonely street and neon light

Hi! Today has been a pretty basic day with nice new stuff coming to work (and of course you have to try on all the cool things) with a couple coming home with me, then scouting the shops for the new clothes but not really shopping since London is less than a month away! I did find the most amazing sweater that just called out my name and wanted so badly to be in my closet I succumbed :D Yesterday I bought a few things too but those I'd been wanting for a while now! Pictures later in this post, tomorrow it's girls' night out and possibly more shopping again with my girls Mirka and Tiia ;)


Outfit from yesterday with Cubus sweater and H&M dress.

From today with H&M sweater and dress.

We had the new Costume in the back room at work and after going through it a couple of times I decided I wanted a copy for myself :D Been thinking about subscribing this home! The Essie is part of the new collection of shades, this one is Recessionista and a gorgeous burgundy.

I can show you a better picture of the pink ones tomorrow now that Oona picked the ones she likes best ;) The blue ones are a souvenir for her!

I had this idea to try a little Halloween inspired nail "art" if you want to call it that :D I used the new Essie and then Make Up Store shade 001 Petra and Maybelline Express Finish shade 30 Cherry.

Here's the result! I put two coats of the Essie, then added "dribbles" of Maybelline and added a little Make Up Store on top so that the red wouldn't bee so bright. Finished off with a top coat, what do you think?

Here's the shopping from today: sweater from Lindex and jewellery Bijou Brigitte.

The marked picture from weheartit.com.


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