tiistai 16. lokakuuta 2012

I used to say never say never

Hi! You know those days when not everything goes according to plan? My work shifts had changed a little for the rest of the month so yesterday I thought my shift started at two when of course it started already at one... Luckily I noticed my mistake and had just enough time to throw on the first clothes in my closet, get myself ready, and make it to the bus that got me to work just in time! Today the security guards probably got a good laugh watching me kicking empty cardboard boxes outside to the dumpsters :D I can never get a good grip of those big flattened boxes and they keep spilling on the floor until I lose my patience! Has anyone else had bad luck lately?

The best outfit picture so far, the garden hose at the back is just the perfect finishing touch :D  This is from yesterday with my new cuff bracelet!

Today: dress Mango, belt Cubus, ankle boots Wonders and bag a gift from a friend ;)

All other pictures except my outfit photos from weheartit.com.


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