keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

I turn the music up

Hi! So as planned, this turned out to be an awesome day with my friends Tiia and Mirka :) I think the pictures tell the story best!

Of course I had to wear the Lindex sweater today! The earrings are the ones shown partially in yesterdays post from H&M, necklace and other jewellery BB, skirt JC.

My breakfast/lunch so brunch :D A banana, an apple and grape yoghurt, yum!

Music playing loud of course.

My first ever bagel! This one was from Arnolds and was very tasty :)

Mirka's Halloween doughnut!

Tiia gave Mirka and me these cute teddies, they're a souvenir from Ikea :D

The only thing I bought were these cute diamond earrings from Gina Tricot! Shine bright like a diamond and so on :D

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