torstai 29. marraskuuta 2012

Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you

Hey! My day didn't start anywhere near the way I'd hoped, everything went fine until it was time to take my outfit pictures before leaving for work. I stepped outside, made sure the door wouldn't lock behind me, and closed it. I took the pictures. I tried to go back inside. The door was locked. It was not a nice feeling to realize that you were locked out of your own house in the sub-zero day with nothing but your not-so-warming clothes and camera. I tried to find the spare key under a whole pile of stuff but it had been moved. I ran around our house starting to freeze and panic but every other door was locked too. My brothers wouldn't get home from school for hours, my phone was inside, and I would have to catch the bus now or I would be late for work... So all there was to do was go ask the nice lady next door if I could borrow her phone to call Dad and ask where the stupid spare key was.

In the end I found the spare key, got inside, and was only late for work 15 minutes. I had to buy a packet of coffee for the very nice lady next door to thank her for inviting me in and letting me use her phone :) She said kindly that it could happen to anyone and I was welcome any time to ask for help (next time I'm so gonna make sure the door doesn't lock behind me)! If any of you have been in the same situation, I'd like to hear about it to save my ego from more bruises :D There's going to be a storm tonight so my plan is to curl under the duvet and watch Glee.


My outfit for being locked outside: jacket Cubus (bought it for my birthday party!), playsuit Primark.


Gorgeous earrings from work!


I found these nice scented candles that smell like white cake vanilla.


These kooky decorations are from Tiimari and couldn't resist buying a few to bring Christmas cheer :D




Cute buttons from Sinelli!

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keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2012

Silver lining

Hi! Now it's time to show you all the shopping I did in London! I could have bought all the amazing embellished dresses but couldn't choose from all of them... But all the things I brought home are just the things I needed in my wardrobe :) This evening was spent sewing the jumpsuit together, now it's ready for fitting! I'll have to remember to take pictures when it's on Moona :D


So here are the clothes: playsuit, skirt and shirt from Primark (a huge store with lots of amazing clothes and good prices), peplum belt and legging fit pants Zara. I love the pants so much, they fit nicely and the texture is amazing! The peplum belt has gotten lots of compliments :)

The pants have a velvet leopard print on them which is very hard to see in photos!


The latest Marie Claire form Heathrow, slippers and ear cuffs Topshop and  Ed Sheeran's album. I could listen to that album all day and love all the songs, the slippers are perfect but I can't really wear them for long because of the snow :(

Topshop had many gorgeous ear cuffs (I talked about wanting one in a previous post) and these two made it to my collections. The LoveMeNot one is for everyday use and the other one is great for parties, I was a bit worried about it falling off but it stays on well!

These are from Boots, another store I hadn't been in before (have no idea how I managed to miss it when we lived in England, maybe there wasn't one in our town?) The mascara is great and I'm addicted to the Maybelline color sensational popstick, this one is shade 040 Crystal Pink.


Then to my outfits from the trip. This one is from Thursday, the Lindex sweater and Dr. Denim jeans were nice and comfy for the plane!

We didn't really have time to take outfit photos in London with Oona but on Sunday we had some time before Topshop opened :D You can see the shirt from Primark better!


Outfit from Monday with the Zara pants and Topshop slippers.

Just love the peplum belt! This one is from yesterday :)

And finally my outfit from today with the Primark shirt and skirt!


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tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012

Little bird

Hi! First of all we've been having some difficulties with dear Blogger and picture space so if you happen to read old posts and notice that pictures are missing that's because they've accidentally been deleted to make room for new photos :D I also deleted our banner but luckily now thanks to Oona we can add pictures here without having to delete any!

The trip to London was amazing as you've already read from Oona's post, I'm still pretty tired but miss the lovely, busy city and my friend... Luckily she's coming home to visit soon :) My trip started well let's say not quite according to plan, I had trouble getting my ticket and finding the right gate at the airport... I've flown many times before but still when it's the first time travelling via airplane on your own everything is suddenly confusing :D I managed to get on board a very full flight and of course couldn't find room for my big bag of hand luggage in the overhead lockers. Luckily a nice man helped me (probably because we were running late)! The landing to Heathrow wasn't that smooth and a bit terrifying but I made it safely to Paddington.

Of course the machines that sold tickets to the underground were broken so I had to walk around until I found a working one and then walk back again to the right tube line... But I made it to our hotel (couldn't get in the room at first since the cleaning ladies had locked it very well), and was happy to see it was very nice! Our room was small but clean and new, perfect for a weekend stay.

On Friday we first went to Camden's huge market place since I'd never been there before (I really don't know why since the place is awesome), it was amazing to just walk around, eat good food and enjoy the feeling of the place. Unfortunately you had to be careful about taking pictures since the people selling their products will kick you out if they see you taking photos of their stuff but it was more fun capturing the overall ambiance.

After Camden we would have gone to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park but it turned out it wasn't open yet so we headed for Oxford street and shopping! Shopping in Oxford street is heaven and it turned out there were lots of shops I hadn't even been in on my last visits. I loved Forever 21 and Primark and of course Topshop didn't let me down this time either!

It was raining on Saturday but we didn't let that mind (though the handle kept coming of my umbrella so I couldn't bother opening it in places packed with people). We headed back to Oxford street to look for macaroons at Marks & Spencer as Oona knew they sold them there but we hadn't managed to get any on Friday since they were sold out... But we finally found some, it was a lot of hard work but worth it :D Then we headed for Harrods via the most crowded tube ride I've ever been on to buy souvenirs for my family, seriously we waited on the platform until we finally got on the fifth or sixth tube and then stood so closely packed together with other people you couldn't move! I love the feeling at Harrods even if most things cost more than I dread to even think of. After Harrods we went to eat on Leicester Square and went to check out Chinatown, both places were I haven't been before! We went to eat at Garfunkel's, a very nice place with good food, great music and nice decor. By then we were so tired that we headed for the hotel to enjoy the macaroons :)

Time went so quickly and on Sunday after packing in a hurry before the check-out time (Oona said I reminded her of an Angry Bird the way I was packing and getting ready in a frenzy) we headed for final shopping at Topshop on a peaceful Oxford Street before Oona had to take her train and I went to wait for my flight at Heathrow. My flight was delayed but at least there were lots of nice shops to spend my last pounds in :D The flight back went well and to my surprise my lovely family was waiting for me at the airport to take me home so I didnt' need to take the bus!

I'll show you my outfits and shopping later ;)

Arriving at King's Cross :)

Our cute little hotel room with an amazing window!

Breakfast :D

Very delicious Japanese food at Camden!

We got to see the Winter Wonderland from the outside anyway :D

A very tame squirrel :)

The Christmas lights on Oxford street were stunning! There was fake snow foam and everything!

My first gingerbread latte! maybe it's a good thing there isn't a Starbucks in my home town...

You can see Harrods in the background, fully lit up!

At Garfunkel's.

Since these were so hard to find and there was a take three for two discount of course we bought three packets :D Very tasty macaroons!

The view from our hotel room.

My shopping, there wasn't even that much of it so I had no trouble packing my bag for the trip home!

A girl can dream...

Tired but happy at the airport!