keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2012

Silver lining

Hi! Now it's time to show you all the shopping I did in London! I could have bought all the amazing embellished dresses but couldn't choose from all of them... But all the things I brought home are just the things I needed in my wardrobe :) This evening was spent sewing the jumpsuit together, now it's ready for fitting! I'll have to remember to take pictures when it's on Moona :D


So here are the clothes: playsuit, skirt and shirt from Primark (a huge store with lots of amazing clothes and good prices), peplum belt and legging fit pants Zara. I love the pants so much, they fit nicely and the texture is amazing! The peplum belt has gotten lots of compliments :)

The pants have a velvet leopard print on them which is very hard to see in photos!


The latest Marie Claire form Heathrow, slippers and ear cuffs Topshop and  Ed Sheeran's album. I could listen to that album all day and love all the songs, the slippers are perfect but I can't really wear them for long because of the snow :(

Topshop had many gorgeous ear cuffs (I talked about wanting one in a previous post) and these two made it to my collections. The LoveMeNot one is for everyday use and the other one is great for parties, I was a bit worried about it falling off but it stays on well!

These are from Boots, another store I hadn't been in before (have no idea how I managed to miss it when we lived in England, maybe there wasn't one in our town?) The mascara is great and I'm addicted to the Maybelline color sensational popstick, this one is shade 040 Crystal Pink.


Then to my outfits from the trip. This one is from Thursday, the Lindex sweater and Dr. Denim jeans were nice and comfy for the plane!

We didn't really have time to take outfit photos in London with Oona but on Sunday we had some time before Topshop opened :D You can see the shirt from Primark better!


Outfit from Monday with the Zara pants and Topshop slippers.

Just love the peplum belt! This one is from yesterday :)

And finally my outfit from today with the Primark shirt and skirt!


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  1. huh huh, vitsi toi peplum belt on ihana! <3 ja näytät se päällä ihan mielettömän hoikalta!!! (:

    1. kiitos tosi paljon, tuo korostaa kyllä kivasti vyötäröä! :)

      -Emilia <3