torstai 8. marraskuuta 2012

We're young right now, all we've got is right now

Hi! Now that I'm not so tired I could fall asleep mid-sentence, I can tell you more about my entrance examinations :) On Monday there were a lot of people but after the first day more than half were cut so that about 40 people went on for the next two days. I was one of the very lucky people so on Tuesday I once again hopped on a train and then walked my ass off to get to the school in time from the station. I was as red as a little tomato once I got there, but it was worth it since I was actually early :D It was the same on Wednesday and by then exhaustion was starting to win over. On the way to a train back home that evening it felt like every bit of creativity and inspiration had been squeezed out of me and been drawn, painted or written on paper.

I was really happy though because the assignments were fun and I think I did a really good job! There were six assignments so two for every day, and they were everything from styling the Beckhams a new look to crafting a piece of jewellery from paper. So now it's a three-week wait at least before the results come and tell me if I'll be moving to Kouvola next January! Wish me luck :)

Outfit from today with JC cardigan and Cubus dress!

Finally Glitter had gotten more of the root lifters I've been wanting for ages! We'll see if I have time to do my hair with these tomorrow to show you :) The earrings are really glamorous and perfect for all the parties coming up (like my 20th birthday)...

Tomorrow's way too far away
And we can't get back yesterday
But we young right now
We hot right now
So get up right now
Cause all we've got is right now

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