tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012

Put my favourite record on

Hey! I've been busy with work, shopping for Christmas presents and planning the details of the trip to London with Oona, the day after tomorrow I'm off!! Can't wait to see my penguin friend :D I'm pretty much set, just have to pack the last things tomorrow and I'm ready to conquer London again. The only trouble is I'm not sure how I'm going to bring all the shopping back...

I love Christmas shopping and I've also made a list of what I want for Christmas :D More about that next week... I also bought decorations that are weird in a cool way or cool in a weird way, I'll let you decide on that!


Outfit from today with my nerd smurf shirt from Topshop :)


Outfit from yesterday!


On Monday's day off work I cut the pieces to the jumpsuit and couldn't resist putting it together... almost :D


Why is packing always so hard...


This rose gold ring is a nice addition to my collection :) From BB.


All marked pictures from weheartit.com.


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  1. oooo! I LOVE it already! Looking good :DD -mond

    1. hahah that's great! :D it will look amazing ;)