maanantai 14. tammikuuta 2013

Your love washes over like a tidal wave

Hi! Another weekend behind me full of people, shopping and junk food :D On Friday I had a day off from work so me and Mom decided to go for coffee and a trip around the flea market Lanttila, which I went through very... thoroughly because I'd seen lots of nice things others had bought from there recently. There were a lot of nice clothes but I didn't want to buy them just because they're nice, I did find a pair of denim shorts that can be used now with tights. It was a good feeling not to leave empty-handed after rummaging through the shelves for a few hours (at least).

Saturday evening was spent at the youth evening at Jovi and the normal McDonald's afterwards... I really need to start watching what I eat more closely. Me and a few friends were almost left behind at Jovi when everyone else was leaving oblivious to the fact that we were still in another room... I can imagine us realising we're there alone and behind locked doors :D

Today I had a couple hours of work and then came home to chili nuts and the US InStyle :) I hope you had a great weekend too so you can start the new week with pep in your step... Or something like that :D


This is a bit more golden in real life, from BB. You can see it in use in the first outfit picture!

The 2nd hand shorts (originally from Gina Tricot), they have a bit higher waist than shorts usually do, you'll see better when I take outfit pictures with these!

Love the buttons and detail in the back :)

InStyle inspiration!

Outfit from Friday.

Look from Saturday, I did change the Cubus blazer for a cardy because it was so freezing outside :D

Outfit from today.



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