tiistai 1. tammikuuta 2013

Dreams are like angels, they keep bad at bay

Hey! The first day of a new year and I know it will take some getting used to (hope I'm not the only one who every year has to learn to write the new year on the date, in this case 2013), it'll probably be summer when I've fully realised what year it is :D We had a great New Year's Eve with my friends, lots of laughter and good memories for future years! Today I was at Oona's house to celebrate her little sister's birthday, that meant delicious food of course and seeing Oona before she leaves for England tomorrow! Have an amazing time honey <3 It was also nice to see Kia since it had been a while :) Tomorrow it's back to work and everyday life... I should warn you that since I figured out how to take fuzzy pictures with balls of light there are a lot of those in this post:

Looking at fireworks :)

Oona and a good game or so I've heard :D

Outfit from last week.

Outfit from Sunday.


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  1. Oona: Mulla on sama paita kun sulla :D T, Jasmin