perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2013

Watch her when she's lighting up the night

Hi! I wanted to do a post with 12 of my favourite looks from the year 2012! One for each month :D It was difficult to choose from the massive archive of outfits... Let me know which one you like best!


This one is from April with the clutch bag from Bijou Brigitte.

From May with skirt from Zara, I really want to use it but don't want to get it covered in snow or something worse :D

From July with the leather jacket from Mango (which I'd use all the time if it wasn't so freaking cold).

From July with minty lace shirt from H&M.

From August with satchel from Bohemia (bought from Zebra).

From September with dress from Mango.

From October with bag from Zara, I love how you can fit everything in there!

From October with fake leather skirt from Gina Tricot.

From November with backpack from a handicrafts fair (Kätevä-messut).

From November with peplum belt for Zara.

From December with skirt from Bik Bok. Love the baroque details.

This one is probably my favourite of the year from December with Bik Bok shirt and H&M fake leather skirt!

My agenda for today :D

Outfit from today with 2nd hand dress (originally from Seppälä) and skirt from H&M.


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