tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2013

Hard to love somebody

Hi! The weekend went well and this week has been great too! I found out on Saturday that me and another Emilia will be confirmation camp leaders this summer, looking forward to getting to know lots of new people :) And I received a letter from the school I applied to and got in, now I have 11 months of fashion design ahead of me in Helsinki, I'm so exited! The first lessons are in February which is starting to be pretty full of stuff for me... Both my little brothers' birthdays, the school, and being part of the decoration team for a big evening at Jovi. More about those later :)


That's cold enough for me thank you! Avoided going out on that day.

New rings from work, the white one is real geode!

Got these while having coffee with a friend on Saturday and yes, we did browse through some shops too... The jewellery is from Gina Tricot, the rose gold cuff necklace and lip ring were on sale for 1,50 euros each. The make-up bag is from H&M and perfect for fitting all my cosmetics for overnight stays!

Had time on Sunday to try new nails, not quite sure if I like them or not :D

Then some outfits, not sure which day this is from but wanted to try a new sweater-and-shirt combo since the one in my previous post wasn't quite how I'd have liked it to be... I like this much more with sweater from Cubus, shirt from H&M and jeans from Dr. Denim :)

From yesterday with Monki shirt and Weekday skirt.

From today with Carlings t-shirt and Rut m.fl. skirt.

Marked pictures from weheartit.com.


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  1. Oh my god! Congratulations getting in for a school! I'm so happy for you! :) Ihania asukokonaisuuksia ja oot vaan niin kaunis :) -mond

    1. thank you so much sweetheart <3 oot ihana kaunis ystäväni :)


  2. Ooi ihanaa, onnea kouluun pääsystä! <3 t. Toinen Emilia :D