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Colour inspiration for A/W 2012

Hi! Wanted to make a post about the trend colours of autumn/winter 2012 before the post about trends in general. The colour which you already see everywhere and on everyone is burgundy, a lovely dark reddish purple if you will :D Perfect for autumn on shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, bags... You can dress in this colour from head to toe if you want, the high street and chain stores offer plenty to choose from!

Via Google, Burberry Prorsum A/W 2012.

Next up: a very pale pastel pink. Pastels in general continue to be "in" also this next season, but pastel pink with a touch of mint is your best choice :)

Amazing shirt I want, hope I'll find one somewhere...

Via Google, Alexander McQueen A/W 2012 (great for those days when you just want to hide inside something huge and fluffy).

Via Google, Balmain A/W 2012.

Via Google, Chloé A/W 2012.

The next too colours were big also last year, maybe because they go so well with autumn. This year red is very bright and bold, you want to look like you're on fire :D I have a red bag, now I'll need shoes to match...

Slippers are big this season, these studded ones would be awesome... But probably a bit impractical :D

Via Google, John Galliano, Givenchy and Yohji Yamamoto, all A/W 2012. The colour here was called gothic red.

Via Google, Valentino A/W 2012.

This year blue is very dark and mysterious if you will, reminds you of blueberries and other dark blue fruits.

Via Google, Christopher Kane A/W 2012.

Via Google, Mulberry A/W 2012.

Via Google, Gucci A/W 2012. I would love to try "shading": dressing in different shades of the same colour. You have to be careful to get it right though, or you'll end up looking like me when I tried to dress up head to toe in the same colour on 7th grade... Not pretty :D

Which colours will you wear this season? All pictures except the ones via Google from


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