torstai 16. elokuuta 2012

Anna mun olla syypää sun hymyyn

Hey! So today was a normal four hours of work with new stuff coming in, and after I got home we had our first Skype conversation with Oona! We looked a bit nerdy with our headphone/microphone things on and of course after an hour things got a bit restless... You'll see pictures below :D Tomorrow after work I'm going to celebrate my friend's 20th birthday ;)

Shirt H&M, top Gina Tricot, skirt Cubus, and shoes Billi Bi. I like the little metal detail on the top (if you can see it :D)

Homemade smoothie <3


First and last six pictures from


I rarely like Finnish music or rap, but this song's really good: Cheek feat. Yasmine Yamajako - Syypää Sun Hymyyn

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  1. Does the text in the last picture mean that even in paradise there's something bad? I just wonder what world would be if the sun would never go down...

    1. The text is from the Maroon 5 song Payphone, it's an awesome song and if you'll listen to it it might explain the words more :)