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Lift not one but both of us

Hi! Sorry for the silence but I was on camp Monday to Thursday, we had an awesome Megis in Siikaniemi (including the Backstreet Boys, Barbies and a '90s theme party :D) and since then I've been to work! So busy busy busy, but now I found the time to make a post since my little penguin Oona is in England :)

Here are a few looks from last week I guess, these outfits tend to pile up :D

This one's from today :) Which one's your favourite?

The weather's getting cold and it's starting to feel more like autumn than the last month of summer... I love autumn but would have liked a little more warmth and sunshine before the long winter! I've been making a list of things I want to wear next (I'll do a bigger post of A/W 2012 trends if you'd like to read it!), and the first thing is the peplum. I didn't really like the peplum at first, much to Oona's dislike, but it just looks good! It's said to look good on all body shapes, we'll see how it works on me :D I'd like a shirt or a skirt with peplum, not sure which one or both.

The aztec print is also something I wasn't sure about, but now I think the right print would look great on a skirt or a top.

I already have many sweaters but just keep on wanting more! They're just so cute and comfy to wear, irresistible :)

Leather is one of autumn's trends but I think it's very hard to get leather to look really good instead of cheap on anything other than a leather jacket... Though I have wanted a nice black leather skirt for a while (not a tight one but preferably one with pleats), we'll see if the perfect one comes along :)

Collars have been "in" for a while now and a collar necklace made of fabric with lace or pearls would look so good! We got a couple basic ones at work, hopefully they'll keep on coming!

I've been looking for fingertip rings but haven't found any yet... I'd be glad to get tips where to find these!

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B.o.B feat. Taylor Swift - Both Of Us

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  1. ihana blogi teil ja ihanii vaatteit! :))

    1. kiitos tosi paljon Iida! olisi tosi kiva kuulla millasia postauksia haluisit lukea meiltä! :)