maanantai 20. elokuuta 2012

Pound the alarm

Hi! I don't have awesome photos to show you like Oona does, mine are from our backyard... I've just been so busy I haven't found the time to go and take pictures someplace nice :) I have the ultimate project of cleaning and reorganizing my room (we don't want the dust bunnies invading the world now do we), which has been going on for three days, yesterday I was at this great youth evening which was followed by pizza of course! And today I was working, but maybe I'll finish before next year... Slowly does it :D

Can you guess my little brother's hobby? :D

First and last picture from


Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm

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  1. Just a question: who takes your photos? I always thought it would be Oona, but since she's in England I started to wonder...

    1. Oona used to take pictures of me and my outfits when we saw each other, now that she's in England I use the self timer on my camera :D I need to find someone to take my pictures or buy a proper camera stand...