keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

If you're homesick, give me your hand and I'll hold it

Hi! I've had a great time these past two days: yesterday I went to model for my friend at her make-up school in Helsinki, she did an amazing job and you can see a picture below :) Then we went shopping of course, and when we got back to Lahti I went shopping with two of my other very dear friends :D In the end we decided to go see Madagascar in 3D which was just our movie! It went a bit over the top but in a good way, King Julien was the best as usual ;) I recommend you to go check it out! Today we had a get-together with our awesome Siika 1 laughing, eating and watching The Dark Knight Rises :)

An outfit from a few of days ago, below my outfit from the day before yesterday I guess :D

My little brother and the berry bushes :)

Some accessory shopping I've done recently:

Gorgeous scarf I've been wanting forever but they were always sold out! From BB.

I finally found rings for two fingers that I liked from work.

The necklace cost 3 euros at H&M and I found rings that can be made small enough for fingertips! They didn't have gold ones but those are great too :)

Rings from Glitter.

The 50's are back ;)
First picture from


Birdy - People Help The People

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