keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

I'll run my thumb across your cheek

Hi! Today I finally managed to finish cleaning my room and took some pictures to show you guys :) I'm sure not gonna be cleaning on my next day off though...

I found pretty much the perfect peplum shirt at Monki!

Outfit from yesterday: shirt Carlings, skirt JC and new tights from Monki. People sure turned to stare at my legs :D

My perfume collection, I'm currently using Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs.

I've gotten a bit more jewellery since starting work at BB :D

Oskari and Miss Piggy :)

My graduation work from school :) I can post better pictures if you'd like to see all of it!

You can imagine how heavy this gets when it's full of magazines... It tends to get in the way when cleaning :D
First picture from


Maroon 5 - Wipe Your Eyes

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  1. That skyline skirt is amazing! :) So jealous of everyone who gets to shop at Monki.

    1. Thank you so much, I saw the skirt at Gina Tricot and had to buy it :D I love Monki, hopefully it will come to my home town soon so I can shop there more often!