sunnuntai 2. syyskuuta 2012

Why does it feel so good every time to come alive

Hi! Great weekend behind me, I've been making a huge inspiration poster in my room, yesterday I was out shopping with my fabulous girls and afterwards we talked for hours, and today I had a few hours of work :) Some random pictures from this week:

Niilo the bear :D

My new shoes from Dinsko! Now I only need high-heeled boots and I'm set for this autumn/winter :)

Leather gloves from Pieces. I bought them already since you can't find them anywhere in a month or so...

Outfit from a few days ago, loving the tights from Monki!

Outfit from yesterday's shopping trip, you'll see my new shoes in my outfit from today which I'll post hopefully tomorrow ;)

My inspiration poster project started with looking through my archives and finding the best pictures.

Then I started putting the pictures together and when it became too large to work on a table I put it in place. Here's one door finished, the other and maybe third one to go :)

Lots of pictures ready to be put up to inspire! What do you think of my poster?


Heavyweight - Come Alive finally, good Finnish music!

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