torstai 13. syyskuuta 2012

I felt like a deer in your lights

Hey! Sorry for the silence but I caught the flu and have been lying in bed for the last three days... We had a great time with my friends at Jenni's summer cottage, you'll see more pictures later on :) Today I went back to work to a whole new awesome shop, they'd changed everything while I was gone. At least I got to decorate the window again :D

Some outfits from last week:

There's the panda I promised ages ago :D

On Friday when we got to the cottage Ellu wanted to practise doing a drag queen make-up and Jani had agreed to be her model...

...he started having second thoughts when his eyebrows where gone :D

The perfect combination: glitter false lashes and a baseball cap.

Meet Janelle Fruufruu ;)

This is pretty much how it always looks when my friends get together...

...this is completely normal too.

Jenni showed me some lipstick samples and I chose these two gorgeous colours, Perfect Red and the other one was something like Magic Papaya.

What I did yesterday on sick leave :) The movie was awesome, I recommend you to watch it!

Who can guess what book I'm reading right now?

First and last two pictures from

< Emilia

David Guetta feat. Sia - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)

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    1. Jani sai kokea millasta on olla kaunis nainen :)


  2. Mun mielestä oli iha kivaa olla kaunis kerranki. :D