lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2012

Kiss me hard before you go

Hi! Yesterday morning when I looked out the window the weather was so nice, the sun was shining and the skies were blue, so I thought I'd take some pictures on my way to work. It went well from our house to the bus stop (all the photos in this post are from that trip), but when the bus drove closer to town the rain started pouring down... I thought "OK, this isn't so bad, I have my umbrella with me!" I couldn't take any pictures but would have been glad to get to work dry. No chance of that happening of course :D

When I was walking on the bridge that goes over the freeway it started to rain like crazy and I clutched my canvas bag with the camera in it to my chest so it wouldn't get wet. Still I thought I could get to work with just wet shoes but oh no. Than the hail started coming down and the wind blew from behind that soon my behind was soaked through two layers of skirt and the tights... By the time I got to shelter my Converse sneakers were soaked and squishy with water and I was getting pretty cold, fast. The bright side: my camera was nice and dry :D Ellu saved me by bringing a dry pair of sweatpants I'd forgotten at the cottage a while back, and I spent most of the work day bare foot: a very casual Friday!

I didn't remember to take pictures of our get together with friends last night but you can enjoy these photos:

Notice the ominous dark clouds on the right...

Outfit from today's shopping trip with Mum to the new mall in Kouvola, it was nice but didn't have any special stores you can't find anywhere else. Sweater and dress from H&M.


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