perjantai 14. syyskuuta 2012

Saying I'll be home for next year, darling

Hi! Pretty basic Friday doing the evening shift, tomorrow I'm meeting up with some good friends, food, movies and we'll see what we come up with :D

Today's outfit with a blazer I made on the second year at vocational school. I'm bad at matching this with my other clothes but maybe I'll try to wear it more often!

I bought this multi hair tool from Glitter a while back because it promised easy steps to four different hair styles and unlike Oona I suck at doing my hair :D

After a few times training when I got this and a few tries this morning...

...I managed to make a very nice bun, a European bun according to the instructions :D This was quite an achievement with my irregular hair cut, what do you think of the result?

First and last seven pictures from


Two Door Cinema Club - Next Year

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  1. Nuo kynnet on ihan mahtavat!! :O Mitenhän tuommoiset tehdään..

    1. Noi on tosi upeat ja ihana kolleegani Oona löysi tällaisen tutorial-videon noihin:

      -Emilia :)