maanantai 16. heinäkuuta 2012

Paris, je t'aime - part 2

Hi! So, here are photos from day three to day five in our visit to Paris :) Day three was also dedicated to sight-seeing, and we finally got to go up the Eiffel Tower! We tried on day two but didn't want to wait three hours in line (only one elevator was operating so the lines were very long), but we were lucky the next day and only had to wait under two hours. It was worth the wait (if and when you visit Paris, be prepared to wait in line a lot)! Before the Eiffel Tower we went to see Sacré-Coeur, a basilica located on the highest point of Paris. Another thing you should be prepared to do in Paris: climb stairs :D

Montmartre is a very artistic part of Paris, and we came across a small market place filled with artists wanting to do our portraits!

The view from the Sacré-Coeur...

...and the basilica itself :)

Moulin Rouge was a bit of a disappointment, I thought it would be bigger and flashier in real life :D
We visited an aquarium where you could touch fish (they were very slimy)
This is what happened to the macarons in my bag :(

This is the view from the Eiffel Tower's second floor...

...and these are from the very top :D

Finland's highest building is pretty small compared to the Eiffel, the dotted line.
We finally went shopping on day four and a part of day five, and since I was focused on all the amazing clothes I didn't take much pictures :D But I can tell you that in big, fancy department stores they wait in line to see Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags (to keep the little spaces from getting too crowded I suppose)... These photos were taken after our shopping trip from a small café pretty near our hotel :)

Chocolat, the French definitely know how to make that!

On day five we did our last shopping and sight-seeing before heading for the airport and Finland :)

Another part of the massive Louvre.
You'll see what I brought home from Paris later ;)


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