perjantai 20. heinäkuuta 2012

Lucky strike

Hi! So today I finally managed to take pictures of all the stuff I brought home with me from Paris (and the stuff I've bought after that...) I'm really looking forward to this weekend, there'll be a big reason to celebrate ;) You'll hear more about that later!

First my favourite: a gorgeous leather jacket from Mango! And I have to admit: the place I shopped most in Paris was H&M :D the pretty black lace dress is from said shop.
The amazing mint lace shirt, also from H&M.
This is just an outfit I had on for my Grandma's 70th birthday :)

Outfit from today, the skirt was on sale in H&M... The H&M's in Paris were awesome, okay!

I found the perfect dress I had been looking for since can't remember when, from the best shop ever, Bershka. Love at first sight <3
Finally I have a heart-shaped cut out dress!
The next three are also from H&M :D

A cute journal made from recycled materials from a small boutique, Eiffel Tower key chain from the Eiffel Tower, magnet from Arc de Triomphe.

My mega bag from Zara :) This was very useful while lugging all that stuff along the streets of Paris.
These I bought with Oona: Love & Other Drugs (I still haven't seen it!), Puss In Boots, a lipstick that smells like sweets, and a cute nail polish from Essie, shade Bikini So Teeny :)


Maroon 5 - Lucky Strike

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