tiistai 19. kesäkuuta 2012

Tonight feels like we can do anything

Hi! Had an awesome weekend at the cottage even when I had a serious case of allergies or something... Otherwise we had a great time, went swimming in a lake (it was the first time this summer for me), sunbathed (or rather I tried desperately not to burn in the sun), and just enjoyed the company of amazing people :) Today I had the evening shift and now I have a week or so off before our confirmation camp, can't wait!

Hat and dress H&M, cardigan Vero Moda, shoes Converse.


First picture from weheartit.com.

Translation: viikonloppu mökillä oli mahtava vaikka sainkin jotain ihme allergiaoireita... Muuten meil oli hauskaa, mentii uimaa (se oli mulle eka kerta tänä kesänä), otettii aurinkoa (tai oikeestaan mä yritin epätoivoisesti olla palamatta) ja vaan nautittiin upeiden ihmisten seurasta :) Tänää mulla oli iltavuoro ja nyt mulla on joku viikko vapaata ennen meiän rippileiriä, en malta oottaa!


Jennifer Lopez feat. Flo Rida - Goin' In

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  1. Great look, dear~!
    What a lovely dress! Looks perfect on you )
    Just pass by your blog and found a lot of inspiring outfits and posts and I thought that
    it would be great to have you among my followers and be your follower also~!
    Just drop the message in my blog if you like the idea~
    Happy blogging~!


    1. Thank you so much Olga, we're glad you find our blog inspiring! :)