sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

Small bump

Hi! The days after Christmas Eve have been a nice little holiday for me and today it was time to get back to working my butt off since the sales have started :D I've spent my Xmas with good food, relatives and family, the best presents, up late with great movies and books... Everything amazing that leaves you tired but happy. One night my dad and little brother had the idea to go take pictures of the town at around half past ten in the evening and of course I went with them! I couldn't feel my fingers afterwards but here are the photos:

This was one of the presents and has been played a lot in the last couple of days. Even up to the point of heated disagreement :D More presents later if I ever get around to taking pictures of them.
Today after work we decided to go take pictures again with my little brother, the snow was kind of like slick icing on a cake since a layer of water had frozen over it (...I guess):

Tomorrow it's New Year's Eve and celebrating with my dear friends, I wish the best year 2013 can be to our readers! :)


This is maybe my favourite song from Ed Sheeran, it's so hard to decide...

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