maanantai 17. joulukuuta 2012

If you see her tell her I'm coming

Hi! You can really see Christmas Eve is just a week away, work was so packed with customers I wasn't sure if the new window would be ready today! It's going to be a white Christmas that's sure as the snow just keeps on coming. I was at Jovi's Christmas party with my friends on Saturday and then they came to our house for my birthday yesterday so I really got to dress up this weekend :) And eat more than my stomach can take, we made so much food with Oona for the party on Sunday that there's still some left! Here's some pictures also from earlier this week:

Some of my birthday presents :)

I love the smell of these coconut products from The Body Shop!

Cute things from Lush :)

We actually made a gingerbread house with my little brothers this year, usually we buy the stuff needed for one but end up eating them without the building part :D

Proud of my little brother!

From the Christmas party :)

We made an awesome playlist with Oona for my bday and danced along all evening!

Have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of Oona's dress...

Jacket Cubus, dress Tiger Of Sweden.

Christmas cards, I needed the moustaches for these :D

A gorgeous Jenni with a gorgeous dress from Topshop!


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