maanantai 24. joulukuuta 2012

Just keep following the heartlines on your hand

Hi! The day before Christmas Eve was nice and calm on my part, no panicking about what food to buy or if I've forgotten to do something important :D I was at work for a few hours and then did a little shopping with Oona, Nea dropped by to give me a very cute birthday present (pictures coming!) and then we headed to Oona's house to decorate Christmas cookies with her little sister :) Since the Christmas tree wasn't decorated we did that with my brothers, now the ham is in the oven, presents are under the tree... And I'm waiting for tomorrow like a five-year-old :D

My Secret Santa gift from the Christmas party! When you make cookies with these you can put them on the rim of a glass like a decoration :)

Outfit from our girls' night out ;) I took a head start to the sales and bought the skirt from H&M for just 10 euros!

Our pretty plastic tree!

My laptop is messed up...

Outfit from today.

I'm not going to be posting for a few days so I wish you all a very relaxing Christmas, eat well and enjoy spending time with your loved ones!


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