tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

But I do it for the love

Hi! It's official, I'm not a teenager any more! Yesterday I hit the big 20 year milestone, and we had my relatives come over last Saturday to celebrate my "adulthood" :D It was really nice to see my family especially those who I hadn't seen for ages. On Sunday I had a long and busy shift at work, we even ran out of some jewellery to sell! Hopefully we'll get more of the very popular owls :) Yesterday my Dad had reserved a table at Roux for my family and besides a big spill of water across the table we had a very nice time, I'm so in love with the food... This Sunday we'll be celebrating my birthday with friends and more good food, then I'll just have to wait until next year to do it all over again!

My birthday cake, yes I decorated it myself :D

Birthday outfit from Saturday, after bumping into Dad and spilling  sparkling wine all down my front I had to change the shirt to the new one from Bik Bok :D

Outfit from Sunday.

Present from my family: the cutest little camera, Instax Mini from Fujifilm! I've wanted a camera that prints out the photos for a long time and now here it is! I need to practise a little and get more film...

Next summer's fashion is looking very 60's and Japanese inspired with a lot of graphic prints!

Our store manager had a surprise for me on Sunday, she had bought lots of treats like these...

...and decorated a small part of our back room too! :)
 And to finish this birthday post, some photos from the past few weeks from my phone:

Oona is so good at doing my hair, I wish I was anywhere near as good :D

Christmas lights <3


P.S. you won't be seeing any more photos taken with my old Sony as I got a new system camera... More about that later :)

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