sunnuntai 2. joulukuuta 2012

I'm buried in the snow

Hi! It's the second day of December and I'm still not quite believing it! It does feel like Christmas is coming when you look outside since there was a snow storm on Friday and since then snow has once again been everywhere. I love snow in December but after that it can melt away thank you :D My weekend has consisted of getting a kick out of my advent calendar, going shopping with Mum, an evening with friends and today the fitting of Moona's jumpsuit! And a little project I started after our store manager showed me this cool shrinking plastic paper she found at Sinelli...

Yeah, I'm not going out there to take outfit pictures thank you :D This was on Friday when the snow storm was just starting to really hit, so there wasn't really any snow yet at this point...

I love Kinder chocolate <3

I'm proud of how the jumpsuit is coming along and Moona was really excited! It needs a few things like zippers and then it's done!

And then to my shopping. We went to Jumbo on Saturday with Mum mainly because Bik Bok has finally found its way to Finland and one of the stores opened there. The clothes were gorgeous and there was a -30% discount so I went crazy of course, I could have bought the whole store if given the chance... I recommend you to check it out if you're looking for something amazing to wear to a party!

There are lots of cute little clutch bags right now but this one was love at first sight, as corny as that sounds :D It's small but I'll only be using it at parties anyway.

I've been wanting a kind of flower ruffle shirt for a while and found this amazing nude one :)

A little baroque style skirt, just the right shape for me!

Pieces had lots of sweet earrings and I finally found the ones on the far right where the little butterflies etc. come from behind the ear to frame the ear lobe, the sassymanii ones are from Bik Bok!

A nude fake leather skirt from H&M, now I have nice skirts that aren't just black for the winter :) Now all the shopping I need to do before Christmas is for presents (I've gotten a few already ;D), I'm all set with clothes!

I bought this black shrinking plastic paper stuff from Sinelli and of course wanted to try and make a moustache. The sheet was about size A4 so I cut a really big moustache...

...but once I baked it in the oven (oh yes, it goes in the oven in 175 degrees for 3 minutes!) it curled up on itself and got stuck :D But the first try pretty much always fails so I just made a new one.

The original and after the oven, you can see how much it shrinks and thickens!

Dad thought I was cooking dinner but oh no... :D

So out of 10 moustaches 8 were a success! These came out off 2 sheets of the paper, I'm going to buy more and in different colours. We'll see what I come up with!

My outfit from Friday when I couldn't go outside to take the pictures, the blazer looks red when really it's pink as you've seen it in previous posts!

Outfit from yesterday with DIY pants and Mango sweater.

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  1. I have a Fazer's advent calendar <3

    1. uuu Fazer sounds really good! Maybe I'll get one of those next year ;)