torstai 14. helmikuuta 2013

You make it feel like home

Hi! This week has gone by so fast since I've got a million things to do at least... Monday and Tuesday went at work, Wednesday I let my inner ornithologist out and painted more pigeons (I'm sure most of you are getting worried and thinking were does she need all the pigeons but they're for a good cause :D), and today was my first day at school! I'm really pleased so far, my classmates are from very different interesting backgrounds, the teachers are inspiring and I can't wait to go there tomorrow :) I think that's most important of all and hope it continues to be like that all year. I have two more days of school before they continue next month, and tomorrow evening I get to put the painted pigeons to use! Since I won't be getting much sleep this weekend Sunday is dedicated to that :D

Why can't shop windows look like it this in our hoods? :D

More window shopping :)

I bought this and the ring below from work, love the ombre spikes on the necklace!

I knew this rose gold leaf ring had to come home with me from first sight.

Outfit taken in the dark from today with Zara blazer and leopard pants, Vero Moda shirt, and the new necklace!

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