sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2013


Hey! Time is flying by fast... Next week it will be March, both my brothers are a year older again and spring is on its way (slowly but we'll get there eventually even in these latitudes). And I'm having a bit of an age crisis since new kids are starting to visit Jovi before there confirmation camps in the summer, and my older little brother is one of them! Those of you who have younger siblings know what I'm talking about, if you're an only or the youngest child you get to feel young for a long time, at least before you have kids of your own :D

Now to change the subject before I start to reminisce about the good old days, my weekend was very productive. Managed to finish two out of three assignments for school, eat junk food to last for a month while celebrating the earlier mentioned older younger brother's birthday, spend Friday evening and this morning with friends at Jovi, and plan some things for our confirmation camp with the other Emilia :D Oh yes and we bought that big rack thing where you beat the dust out of carpets among other exciting things and for those of you who possibly have to do the same in the future with your Mum, the rack thing weighs. A lot. It was all worth it when I got home to Milka popcorn chocolate <3

Outfit from Wednesday I think... Sweater Lindex, dress H&M.

Outfit from Thursday with JC dress.

One of the assignments for school was an inspiration collage so some pictures for that...

A plan, the finished work looked a bit different but you get the idea!

Doughnut break with the worst sugar bomb ever, maybe even a bit too much for me which says a lot :D

What was left out...

...and some details, won't post the finished thing here ;)

Outfit from Saturday, finally got to take proper pictures of this where you can see what I'm wearing! The last pictures of this outfit were taken in the dark, some say I could have been wearing a garbage bag and no one would have seen any difference. Hopefully not this time, this has become a favourite of mine! Blazer Zara, shirt Vero Moda, and pants Zara.

Outfit from today with blazer and shirt Carlings, skirt H&M, earrings Bik Bok, and necklace Gina Tricot.
After that mega post it's good to wish you who are lucky a nice winter holiday! And to the rest of us a nice work week :)


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  1. Hei Emilia, haluisitko alkaa taas suomentamaa noit sun tekstejä, ko en ymmärrä englantia:/ ja olis kiva lukea sunki postauksia ! Ymmärrän kyl jos siit on liikaa vaivaa, mut ajattelin nyt ainaki kysyä:)

    1. Kiva kun kommentoit, oon miettinyt tuota itsekin että voisi olla useammalle teistä lukijoista hyvä että suomentaisin noita mun postauksia :) voisin ainakin suomentaa tiivistetysti jos tekstiä tulee enemmän, katellaan miten tuo toimisi!


  2. Se ois tosi kiva! Jee:)