sunnuntai 3. helmikuuta 2013

I hope he buys you flowers

Hi! The last few days since Thursday have been busy and full of great things to do like coffee with friends, a decoration meeting, worship training, youth evening... So I was more then happy to just relax today with stand-up comedy from TV :) The pictures will tell you more of my weekend, tomorrow it's back to work as usual and back to the huge amount of gorgeous new jewellery we've received last week. I'm going a bit crazy because of course, I want them all :D Got to be patient and see all the new things that come in before adding anything to my collection!

Two beautiful friends :)

Decorations for the Our City themed youth evening :D

Outfit from Thursday with t-shirt from Zara, skirt H&M, and necklace Gina Tricot.

Doesn't get any more Finnish then this: sausages cooking in the sauna :D

Outfit from Friday with blazer from Carlings, white top Bik Bok, skirt Primark, and jewellery Bijou Brigitte.

Popcorn and rice chocolate from Milka <3

Outfit from yesterday with sweater from Bik Bok, skirt JC, and belt Cubus.


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