maanantai 18. helmikuuta 2013

I ain't lost, just wondering

Hi! Oh wow, can't complain about last weekend! I'm very excited about the new school and the assignments we got to do for the next contact teaching lessons in March, they're challenging but in a good way :) I did have a little trouble with the trains... On Thursday I went on a train hoping that you can buy a ticket with Visa Electron since I didn't have any cash. Well, it turns out you can buy one but only when the train isn't moving, and it was a huge blessing that the train happened to stop at a station when it was my turn to buy a ticket from the conductor! On Friday I ran pretty much all the way to the railway station since I was late for my train but made it in time by hopping on first chance I got, so to carriage number 1. I looked at my ticket and of course my seat was in carriage 17 so I had to walk through the whole train, including two cafe, one restaurant and two pet carriages to get there... I somehow always manage to mess up these things :D

Our youth evening went really well and I managed to take pictures to show you! So getting to know new people and learn new things, seeing old friends and having fun, I'd say that qualifies as a great weekend :D Oh yeah and some shopping with Mum! More about that later, this week will be about work and those assignments for school and friends too :)

My homemade pigeons and signs in action for our city theme :D

A map where people got to mark where they live!

We handed out these light stick things which I do not recommend bending as they will explode on your clothes... :D

The rented popcorn machine was awesome!

You can have a lot of fun with these :D

Outfit from Friday with Bik Bok sweater, Gina Tricot skirt, and jewellery BB.

Outfit from today with Carlings sweater, Zara peplum belt, and H&M skirt.


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