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You're like a laserlight burning down on me

Hi! I'm a bit late with my trend post for S/S 2012, but here it is :) I personally like the A/W fashion more as it tends to be more innovative and inspiring. Spring usually brings a lot of the same as before (like stripes), but I was positively surprised by this years collections on the catwalks!

The first of the "bigger" trends is futuristic, which is made of metallic colours and fabrics like neoprene, leather, polyester and so on. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Richard Nicoll and Rick Owens embraced the future in their collections. The idea isn't to look like you popped out of a bad sci-fi movie, here are some pictures to give you the idea:

Gold leaf eye shadow at Fendi.

Katy Perry and very futuristic hair :D

A very big trend this season is the galaxy print. You can find it on shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes... It's everywhere, and I quite like it :)

The second trend is the girly look, which is full of pastel colours, lace, and other delicate fabrics.The 1920's and the 1950's are the two decades in style right now, and especially the fifties where very feminine. Louis Vuitton and Prada went big on this trend. So the key parts are to get something mint coloured, something with lace and something that shows off your waist, here's more inspiration:

Louis Vuitton (at least the shirt is, not sure about the skirt :D)

Catlike shapes are big on sunglasses and glasses in general, I'd love to get me a pair of nice coloured feline sunglasses!

Pastel hair is in, all you need to do is look like a unicorn :)

Lace shorts are a key piece...

...and so are collars!

A very girly phone :D

Next up is the colourful trend full of bold prints. The idea is not to match the prints, but to mix them. The bigger the clash between different prints the better, see what designers like Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant and Mary Katrantzou did. And to get you started:

If these look a bit too much for you, here are a few more laid-back looks:

Don't know which of the Olsen twins this is, but putting together a scarf and shirt with different prints is a great way to make this trend work.

This one is the simplest: just a little bit of clash but in same colours.
The fourth trend is sport luxe, which may sound a bit weird but is pretty easy to wear. The basic idea is to wear luxurious but sporty clothes, something that you wouldn't put on for the gym but which are relaxed and comfy. My favourite for this trend is Acne, designers like Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger went sporty too. Your inspiration:

Nina Ricci in sports luxe.

Sporty can be this simple, perfect for summer!

Another big trend: ombre colouring (=liukuvärjäys), especially from light to dark bluish tones.

Here's the Acne inspiration:

The next trend isn't that new since it's in nearly every season but still a bit different every time. I'm talking about minimalism, simple silhouettes, clean lines no prints or fuss. Marc by Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip Lim had minimal looks, here's my pick of the trend:

One of my favourite models Ginta Lapina.

I really love sheer blouses, I could buy them in every colour, shape and fabric!

Minimal Acne style.

Just my kind of minimalism: simple clothes in lovely bright colours!

I love minimal style in interior design, lots of white open space and light with just a few details :)
The last trend on my list is the underwater style with ruffles, pleats and light colours. I absolutely loved the Alexander McQueen S/S 2012 collection, it had such beautifully made pieces! No wonder it's my favourite fashion brand :) Chanel and Versace were also inspired by the big blue see and everything that lives in it, your inspiration:

Inspiring looks from Chanel:

Kirsten Dunst in Chanel Haute Couture.

A gorgeous bikini, I'd like to have something like that for the summer!

The shell-like Chanel clutches are amazing, wouldn't mind having one in my closet...
To finish off some pictures from Alexander McQueen:

So there you have spring and summer fashion in a nutshell! Pick your favourites and make them your own, the most important thing is to be true to your style :) Have fun! All pictures from


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