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This is what makes us girls

Hi! Many of our readers are graduating this spring and having parties, and of course you need a dress, a bag, shoes, jewellery and so on for that ;) So here's a post with things that I think are good for a graduation party and some tips for those wondering what to wear, not just as the one graduating but also as a guest (like me) :D

First the most important one: the dress! Of course you can wear a top and a skirt, or even something like a jumpsuit if you like, but in my opinion a dress is the best option :) There seems to be only white dresses that are promoted especially for graduating girls, but I don't think it matters what colour the dress is, as long as it fits and you feel beautiful in it! So here's my pick of dresses, mostly from and Asos :D

Picture from (the first one is from there too). Love the pleats, layers and general design of this dress!

An asymmetrical dress from Probably doesn't come as a surprise to you that I like the hem of this one :D

A light and floaty dress from

Love the lace and sweetheart neckline on this dress!

A cutie from

This dress has amazing cut-outs and a pretty colour!

This dress is one of my favourites, love the colour and the hem! From

Lovely peach dress from

This dress has nice sleeves, love the detail in the back!

Amazing colour and nice details on the shoulder strap on this number :)

A cute coloured dress.

This dress shows that even the smallest details matter :)

Gorgeous black dress from (yes you can wear black, I graduated in a black dress myself last year :D)

Lovely lace and back on this dress.

A pleated cutie from
I haven't found a dress for myself yet, so of course I'll show my favourites for the guest too ;) Some of the dresses are a little toned down as you don't want to steal the attention from your graduating friend (so don't worry Oona :D)

Love the straps on the top part of this flower bomb from!

A nice blue colour and sweetheart neckline on this dress from

A pretty turquoise number from

Lovely flowers on this dress!

Love the cut-outs of course ;) From

Amazing details on this dress!

Here's my absolute favourite: the colour, hem and design is perfect on this dress :)
Next, the shoes! A very important part of your outfit because you're pretty much gonna walk all day in them :D So make sure they're as comfortable as possible while still looking good! All of the shoes I liked have high heels, but of course ballerinas or some other cute flats will go nicely too (your legs just look amazing in heels!)

A classic, white heels and pearls. You can't go wrong with a classic :)

To-die-for heels from Steve Madden (!

Gorgeous pair of heels! There's a good reason platforms are big in fashion right now, they're really high but still very comfy!

Lovely colour, lovely heel, just perfect :) From

Amazing platforms, a clutch is a great bag for graduation (more bags coming up)!

I loooove these big, chunky and heeled sandals from and am definitely gonna get something like those for myself!

Amazing colour, a nice pop on your legs ;) From Bianco.

Turquoise looks great on heels and with a sun tan! Too bad I just get a sun burn :D

Wouldn't say no to a pair of Louboutins...

Perfect black heels!
 Then a few pairs for the guest:

Nude heels and a matching nude bag!

Killer chunky heels, amazing from!

Once again, proved you can't go wrong with a classic :D 
Like I said before a clutch is pretty much the perfect bag for graduation: it's small but still holds all the important stuff, and they come in all gorgeous shapes and colours :)

Gorgeous little coral clutch from, the next one is the same in green :)

The cutest little cross body bag :) From

Love the pleats on this clutch!

I didn't have my hair in a special way when I graduated, but if I graduated now I would have it like this :)

And this is how I'd like to have my hair now as a guest :D
So that's your outfit and hair for graduation set, all you need are the finishing touches :)

Pretty make-up...

...nice nails...

...and perfume, not too much though (this goes for everyone at the party, otherwise there'll be a cloud of perfume to choke on...) Hopefully Oona will make you a proper post on hair and make-up ;)
Hope you liked my post and found it inspiring! All pictures that aren't from, Asos or Bianco are from


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