keskiviikko 4. syyskuuta 2013

Summertime: Nice part 1

Hi! It's been too long but now that I finally went through all the photos I wanted to show you pieces of Nice! We went there in late June with my family for a week and I loved the place: lots of sun, beautiful sea and no mosquitoes (or bees or really any bugs). Of course the inevitable happened as I got a bit sunburnt... But it was nothing to what I thought would happen to my skin that close to the Equator.

A very happy me :)

We lived in a nice little apartment in the city centre, so convenient for cooking food whenever you want :D

The view from our balcony!

Cannes was amazing, the perfect beaches (and no parking space)...

These amazing paintings were everywhere, old school movie magic :)

An outfit with skirt from Gina Tricot, earrings Bik Bok, belt Glitter, and new playsuit Zara.
I'll continue later with more pictures from Nice! :) Enjoy the last warm days while it lasts, I know I'm not willing to start wearing tights just yet.


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