torstai 26. syyskuuta 2013

Summertime: Nice Part 2

Hi! Time for the second part of photos from our summer holiday in Nice! These make me miss sunshine and warmth as winter decided to come early this year... It's not supposed to snow already in September now is it :D

First up are pictures from Parc Phoenix, a huge place with a lake, greenhouse, animals... Also cheap which was a nice surprise!

Notice the turtle in the lower left hand corner, chilling in the sun. Lucky little thing.

The park had lots of beautiful flowers so here are some of my favourites!
We also went to the Marineland Sea Life Center. It was a nice place but maybe not that special for a second visit, more of a once in a lifetime thing.

I had never seen orca whales in real life before so that show was really great!

This was also a first: a huge walrus busting moves I'm not capable of :D
There was an awesome miniature golf park right next to Marineland, which I recommend to go check out if the regular boring version just doesn't do anymore!

One day of the week in Nice was for visiting Monaco, a really high class place where the most affordable shop was Zara. A beautiful city to visit though! :)

The Monte Carlo Casino!

The rest are general pictures to get the feeling of Nice!

Dinner with mum and the rooftops :)
So finally everything from that summer holiday! There are still pictures from our confirmation camp but maybe those are better left private :D


Yes. I just had to.

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