perjantai 31. toukokuuta 2013

He makes me shine like diamonds

Hey, just wanted to show you pictures from May before it's over and summer officially begins (loving the warm weather and sunshine)! Most of these are from the weekend trip to a summer cottage we made with a whole bunch of amazing people :) Me and Oona are very busy right now, Oona wants to enjoy her last weeks in England and I have work, school and the confirmation camp to plan. Really hope to go to the beach soon and will be wearing nothing but dresses, skirts or shorts for at least the next three months: I suggest that you go and do that too!

Delicious marshmallows, won't eat them unless they're well done :D

Dad got me this from a work trip, I love it! :)


P.S. Congratulations for everyone graduating this weekend! :)

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