lauantai 8. kesäkuuta 2013

Dance in the water

Hi! Since the weather's been so good this past couple of weeks (never mind a bit of pouring rain and thunder storm), we went to the beach with friends! Always love the first time on the beach and also swam in a lake the first time this summer too :) Been kept very busy by assignments to school, two more to go before next Friday... Now pictures taken a while ago, none from the beach yet I'm afraid!

Outfit with Cubus dress, Primark necklace, and Vagabond shoes.

Look with H&M dress, BB jewellery, and Topshop shoes.

Outfit with Vila shirt and Carlings dress.

My shopping for the summer: tops and skirt from Gina Tricot, cardy from JC, and shorts H&M. Still need to find the perfect new summer dress...

Since my nails can't seem to grow properly I wanted to try this base coat from Essie! So far pleased with the results :)

Loved the Vogue from May with The Great Gatsby, Cara Delevingne and Tom Hiddleston...


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