lauantai 20. elokuuta 2011

Sometimes I wake up by the door, that heart you caught must be waiting for you

Hey honeys! Ok, I officially love my boots!! I was hanging around with some of my friends last night and then we decided to go somewhere outside to make a fire, have fun and EAT <3. But first we went shopping for the essentials: meat pasties and marshmallows :D. We ended up on a nearby beach and it gets cold when the sun has set, but thanks to my boots, at least my feet were toasty warm!

Cardy KappAhal, top Vero Moda, skirt Weekday and the complemented Angulus boots.

I finally managed to clean my room so that I can photograph some stuff for my next post ;). More about that later!

<3 Emilia

I absolutely love this song: Lifehouse - Storm

2 kommenttia:

  1. jeeeee oli kivaa :) vaik melkein kuolinki :( -Luuris

  2. Luuris: selvisit kuitenki elävänä :D