sunnuntai 21. elokuuta 2011

The beauty is deep inside, inside you

Hi!! Sundays are the perfect days to sleep late, eat good food and go see your grandmother (with the bonus of blueberry muffins :D). I also took photos of the stuff I got from work. I love those little perfume samples and brochures you get from shops, and all this was going to be thrown away:

I know that this looks like junk to someone, but for me it's something to decorate my room with :D.
 My room is mostly decorated with one of my interests: pictures of old movie stars. I especially admire Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, but they aren't the only people covering my walls.

My friend gave me the picture of Audrey for my birthday :).

Twiggy is one of the most beautiful models, her eyes are huge!

Most of my posters are either from a girls' magazine Demi or DIY :D.

I love my wallpaper, my dad didn't love putting it on one of my walls...

These postcards are from a random gift shop.

This card I made myself :).
I just had to buy this book about Marilyn's life when I found it on sale. I didn't know much about her before reading this, and I'd love to have one about Audrey too. The playing cards are from an art museum.

Oona wrote me something to remember her by :D.


This is the reason I almost died yesterday: Warning!! The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Sneak Peak

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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I just died!! Damon <3 and ps. still love your room! ;)

  2. sä et niiiin laittanu tota mun juttuu sun postauksee :-----D APUA -oona

  3. Anonymous: I KNOW!! can't wait for season 3 to start! Damon <3<3 and thanks :D

  4. totta kai laitoin ton sun jutun, se liittyy meiän blogii ku siin on pingu ;D -Emilia

  5. MINÄ annoin sulle Aubreyn ^^ jeeeee, kiva ku tykkäät vieläki ^^ hei tälläsii sisustusjuttuja enemmänki, rakastan!!! :D -Luuris
    p.s. sun huone on vaan niiiin cool! miksei mallinukke päässy kuvaa? :(

  6. Luuris: mallinukke ei päässy kyvaa koska mä kuvasin mun kaikki Marilyn, Audrey jne. kuvat :D se pääsee varmasti seuraavaa sisustuspostauksee :) -Emilia