perjantai 25. toukokuuta 2012

I was looking for a breath of life

Hi! I've had an awesome day: few hours of work, then lunch with my family (good food is always awesome), shopping for a bikini set, then hitting the beach with my friends for the first time this year! It got a bit chilly and the ground was damp, but it was worth it :D Tomorrow: Eurovision finals! Are you gonna watch?

Yesterday's outfit: top H&M, shorts Gina Tricot, necklace BB and shoes Vagabond.

Today: shirt and skirt Weekday, earrings BB and the same shoes.

All pictures without me from

Translation: mahtava päivä takana: muutama tunti töitä, sitten lounas perheen kanssa (hyvä ruoka on aina mahtavaa), bikinien ostelua, sit ekaa kertaa rannalle ystävien kanssa! Tuli vähän vilposta ja maa oli kosteahko mut oli se sen arvosta :D Huomenna: Euroviisujen finaali! Aiotko katsoa?


Florence + The Machine - Breath Of Life I so want to see this movie!

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